t_gerardo Gerardo Gabriel stormed on the contest scene last season. Now, the 5’6″, 175 bs., Florida sensation is ready to show his incredible physique at Musclemania® Universe. The former US Marine already has the discipline and mindset. Now he will match up against the best naturals.
t_MARI-KASVI Former Ms. Bikini America Mari Kasvi will make her comeback to Fitness Universe
in June. Always stunningly beautiful, the Finnish model and actress says, “I have
been training seriously for the past 5 months and think the time is right to get
back on stage.”

As one of the most energetic fitness competitors today, Stacie Venagro has always brought an intensity to the stage that turned natural fitness upside down. She will bring a fresh and exciting routine to the Fitness Universe stage.


After placing 5th at the ’13 Model America™ in Las Vegas, Texas sports model Jon Timberman picked up his bags and got on the next plane to Hollywood! The 6’3″, 210 lbs., super athlete will be competing in both physique and model divisions.

t_ben 13 Musclemania® Britain Champion Benjamin Radic was a stunner bringing to the stage an impressive, The 5’9?, 225 lbs., physique. The Slovenia fitness center owner will be coming to America for the first time and making his MM Pro debut this June at the Fitness Universe.
t_chanel As one the newest and most refreshing competitors to hit the stage in recent
years, Chanel Carter says for her diet and nutrition is probably the most
exciting aspects of show preparation. She is a Lifestyle Coach for Team Slice.

Jennifer Wilson is an NBA Houston Rockets cheerleader and IFBB Fitness Pro
who will compete at Fitness Universe. She developed her athletic skills
through years of sports activities including competitive gymnastics, cheerleading
and martial arts.


Model Australia Champion Ben Handsaker is always a favorite for Model Universe.
The 5’11″, 189 lbs., celebrity cover model & sports star says “Perfection to me doesn’t exist ! Just self improvement” Ben will be bringing his muscle model looks to Model Universe.

Korean sensation Chul Soon will be making his comeback to Musclemania® Universe in June.  The 5’10″, 200 lbs., 30 year old star has risen in the sport since taking the stage 7 years ago and now commands worldwide popularity in print, television and the internet.
t_jessica-vasquez Unlike most other 3rd grade school teachers, Jessica Vasquez has taken her fitness passion and parlaying it into a part time modeling career.  The Texas native won both the ’12 Ms. Bikini America™ & ’13 Model America™ and says she enjoys helping newcomers.
The amazing sexy thirty something Jacquii Alexander is always effusive with energy and excitement whether in the Ms. Bikini or Model shows.  The Australian professional financial planner and real estate investor won the ’13 Model Universe Classic Division.
Last year, he walked on stage at 5’7″, 173 lbs., 22 years old and won the Musclemania® Universe Junior and Open titles beating out guys who’d be at it for years.  Now, Julian Navarro will return to the show, 15 lbs. bigger, leaner and ready to take on the MM Pros.
As a Top 5 Finalist at last year’s Model Universe™, 22 year old Erko Jun was a popular choice among the media, too.  The 5’11″, 195 lbs., Serbian sports & muscle model has been shooting with many European magazines and advertising agencies and hopes to win.
Still on a adrenaline rush, ’13 Fitness America Champion Stephanie Brewster reached her dream of winning.  The professional Las Vegas show dancer and former cheerleader always brings to the stage fresh choreography mixed with incredible energy.
’13 Figure New Mexico Champion Danielle Rogers displays a beautiful mix of sassy muscle.  After her first season as a Figure Universe™ Pro she says, “I’m pleased with all that I learned about myself and my body and and will use that knowledge to improve.”
After winning the ’11 Fitness America Championships™ in Las Vegas, David Duma soon parlayed the title into becoming one of Latin America’s top performance dancers.  The 5’8″, 165 lbs., 25 year old acrobatic performer is sure to dazzle the audience again in June.

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